October 23, 2018

In this article about the fashion industry’s body standards and unrealistic expectations, our Role Model Kiko speaks up about her journey into the world and how she quickly developed anorexia from following her one big dream: to become a worldwide fashion model. Kiko achieved her goals but at a high cost and it’s taken her years to find her way back to health, balance and self-love.

Although it wasn’t easy, Kiko is thankful for what she had to go through as a fashion model because it has shaped her into the person she is today. It helped her find her true passion in life, which is to find ways to work as an ethical model, for sustainable fashion houses and to help women all over the world to build a healthy relationship with food and themselves. Kiko has started her own website - Sunflower Soul - where she shares her story and help other young women (and men) claim their mental and physical health.

Today, I’m signed with an ethical modelling agency, Role Models Management; I call myself an “Ethical Model”. I want to empower other women to love their bodies and themselves. As a model, I don’t want to be just looked at, I want to be looked into.  I am an ethical model because I seek to work for fashion brands and companies that are more ethical, sustainable, slow and fair trade. Ethical fashion brands that do right by their society, environment, employees, and customers.