October 18, 2018

We’re beyond proud to see our very own Sylvia Owalla as the face of this years Hub of Africa Fashion Week. The beauty gave color to all of their event posters and she also walked for multiple designers like Amina From Morocco, Aynis Design, Meron Seid and LaLi. Girl, you’re looking like a start up there, keep rocking that runway!

About HAFW:

Hub of Africa Fashion Week (HAFW) was created with the understanding that there is a need for an event that can highlight the growing talent of African designers and brands to the international market. The philoso­phy of the company is to be the event that can create a linkage amongst different sectors in the growing garment industry in Africa, while being a platform for designers and other segments of the industry to market their brands internationally.

HAFW has from its conception in 2010 has always been about transferring that richness to the global view of the continent and its fashion, not as just the needy, but the creative and amazing richness it has in all aspects of its history.  Over the years, HAFW has grown, but the most exciting and amazing thing for us to have witnessed is the growth of the industry, the designers, and the recognition of Africa as a true destination for sourcing manufacturing, textiles, leather, and labels and designers.