October 17, 2018

We’re beyond honored to have Laura Madden in our family of Role Model, the woman who is so much more than just a pretty face. Laura is one of the board members, project manager and show host for the San Francisco Fashion Community Week that had its’ 5-year Anniversary this year. Every year Laura hosts the Sustainable Fashion Show, which concludes the week, and is presented by Sustainable Fashion Week, a sister brand of Fashion Community Week.

This year's show took place on the rooftop of Hotel Zelos where Laura wore an Eco Couture custom design by Phoenix-based designer Ellen Dayan. Her dress was constructed from a bolt of water-damaged tapestry fabric found at the Goodwill, and otherwise would have been destined for landfill had the designer not intervened to hand-craft this one-of-a-kind garment.

Which leads us to Goodwill, which many of you may not associate with fashion but that’s what we’re here to change. Because what can be more fashionable than shopping in a way that will help sustain our planet for the future? Laura just completed a collaboration with Goodwill: Shopping with Laura Madden, to increase awareness and allure of shopping more sustainably through second-hand retailers. Laura, we LOVE it, keep spreading that positivity girl!

You can see the Youtube Video of Laura’s Goodwill shopping here: Shopping With Laura Madden

What else? Oh yes, there’s more. Laura is now the Development Director of AZ Eco Fashion Week, which is held in conjunction with Fashion Revolution Week, April 2019. They are currently planning their 2nd annual show and they’re having a kick-off social hour for this in Tempe, AZ (get tickets here). In the coming weeks they will be releasing 1 educational video per week introducing Eco-Fashion and sustainability in the business of fashion to the community.

See Laura's full portfolio here