October 03, 2018

“When women support each other, we win.”

Setting a very fashionable example is the game-changing MODEL MAFIA, a group of inspirational and passionate models in NYC that we at Role Models are honored to be part of. I became part of the group in the early days of RMM when we had just made our very first public appearance and I was bewildered to find myself in a room filled with models who wanted to do good. Not only was I met with like minded people who was on the same mission to “change the world”, but I understood in that moment that an agency like Role Models was a good idea. The models were out there and the movement had already started. And what I saw in that room in Brooklyn that night was proof of just that; a beginning of something completely new in our industry.

Today we’re proud to represent no less than five Model Mafia’s on our boards and that number is growing. Both because our models are finding out about MM and also because members of the group are getting the word about us. It’s an honor to be part of such an important movement, not just in the fashion industry but in history, and we are so grateful for all the women in this group who are willing to go beyond to make a change.

A big thank you to Cameron Russell and Áine Rose for giving birth to Model Mafia and for providing this platform where we models can grow, share and become stronger together. This article in Porter’s the Edit is proof that change is here and that we, the models, are finally given a voice that people are willing to listen to.

“When women unite to support one another, we are more powerful, and happier, too.” Read full article here.

- Anne Therese, Co-Founder

You will see our models Renee Peters, Hartje Andresen, Brana Dane, and Jessica Jones in the photos. Unable to make it was Carolina Fontaneti and Kristina Cheraneva.