September 24, 2018

A lot was happening in NYC this Fashion Week season and not all of it was about fashion - at least not if you’re thinking fashion in terms of clothes, beauty and other “typical” fashion related trend. One of our incredible Role Models Jessica Jones, who’s also the the Co-Founder of Tap (launching on October 23rd), put together an eco-conscious evening where special guests and community leaders got a chance to chat over a local, vegan dinner.

Around the table were some of our other eco-conscious models (Renne, Emma, Brana and Philip) along with inspiring people like Breanne, Co-Founder and Director Women’s March,

Aine Rose Campbell, International Model and Founder of Beyond The Runway and Co-Founder of Model Activist, Paul Gallay, President at Riverkeeper, and Laura Jones, Founder of The FrontLash.

During the event and in the spirit of progressive change, Tap encouraged attendees to rethink their old habits and 'Drink Different'. By using and refilling reusable water bottles, we can eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles. Join the movement by using #DrinkDifferent to encourage others to make the change too.

Conscious partners for the night: Habitas | S'well | Health-Ade Kombucha | Van Leeuwen | The Little Beet