June 20, 2018

Check out this wonderful feature of our vegan model, Jackie Almeida, as she talks passion and positive influence with Eva Collective

This article was originally written by Eva Collective and you can read the full post here.

Q: What topics are you most passionate about sharing right now - something that could really help the world if everyone did it / got on board?

1. Environment in every aspect, by my love to Mother Nature I try to remind people where we come from and see us as one. I believe the change comes from love: once you fall in love with nature you wanna make everything possible for change.

2. Travel to understand the world better.  The more you get to know other countries and cultures, the more you accept others without judging and pointing fingers.

3. Astrology because it helps us to get to know ourselves deeply, and the more we know about ourselves, the better we will communicate with others.

Q: Tell us about someone who has been a positive influence on you.

Anthony Lowther.  He inspired me to live the vegan lifestyle, meditate and magically took me to my spiritual path.

Q: If you could speak to a classroom of young girls today, what is the # 1 lesson you 'd like to share?

I would empower them to love themselves.  By love I mean accept their characteristics; I think when you are comfortable with yourself there are no limits to achieving your dreams and nowadays I see a lack of confidence in this new generation and it’s our job to empower these young girls and boys.

“I think when you are comfortable with yourself there are no limits to achieving your dreams.”

Q: What is the biggest change you've made in your life to be happier and healthier?

Going vegan! Veganism taught me about compassion. By Loving our planet I learned how to love myself. Being healthy also created a good state of mind.

Q: What is the one question you wish people would ask you more often?

Everyone constantly gives comments about my vibe. I wish they could instead ask me the reason I’m always happy.

Q: What does being a "Social Icon" mean to you?

Social Icon for me means a role model, someone that has something interesting to share by being real and not a copy of everyone else. Someone that is loyal to their principles and naturally inspires others just by being themselves.

Read Jackies full bio and see full portfolio here. You can also follow her inspiring Instagram posts and stories at @IamJackieAlmeida