June 13, 2018

The week leading up to June 6th (2018) Renee Peters, one of our most avid environmentalist on the board, asked her fellow model friends and followers to spread the message that we need to ban the plastic bag in NYC. The idea was to have as many as possible make a call to Governow Cuomo's office and urge himto ban the single-use plastic bag as well as placing a fee on alternative bag by supporting the "New York Bring Your Own Act".

The campaign had a great success and Renee shared with us that in total, the post reached 4,474,589 followers with almost 70,000 likes! Supermodels, fashion directors, stylist, makeup artists, activists and many passionate, local NY'ers helped out to share this call to action. This is what we call POWER TO THE PEOPLE - and we hope that the Governmor got the point!

Follow Renee for more environemtnal tips and actions at @Renee.ElizabethPeters. You can also read her blog: Model4GreenLiving.com