May 07, 2018

Original post from Uncouched

1. What is something not too many people know about you?

Only few close family and friends know that I was accepted into medical school and chose to pursue a less traditional path instead. Even though a creative life has many unique challenges, I’m very grateful that things turned out as they did. I still love helping people, but now I have the opportunity to give back in different ways. For example, being on the board of SupeRoleModels I have the opportunity to advise the organization and also do art therapy workshops for young models new in this field. It’s a wonderful feeling to share my love of art in a therapeutic way, and the response so far has been incredible!

2. What are your biggest passions or hobbies?

I have so many! I’m an artist at heart, so anything creative is within my comfort zone. Modeling is one of my many creative endeavors, but I’m also a painter, having shown my work at Caelum Gallery in Chelsea, the Tribeca Art Factory and many other galleries in NYC and the Hamptons. I have been doing on and off air interviews for a number of years now for YRB magazine and other outlets. I was very excited when my episode of FNL network on Amazon Prime was released. It was so interesting interviewing designers at fashion week that I had cast for a few days earlier. How exciting to see the whole process from a different perspective!

I am very passionate about female empowerment and sustainability, that’s why my work with the Model Mafia, started by friends Cameron Russell and Aine Rose Campbell, is so special to me. As a member from the beginning, I have joyfully watched the impact and growth of our group! I was happy to recently partner with a sustainable beauty brand in Union Square and host an event for both the Model Mafia and SupeRoleModels in honor of Earth Day.

3. What are your goals for the future?

I will continue to follow my path on an increasingly larger scale. I am starting an interview series on “the model perspective” interviewing the change-makers in the industry. I am currently working to launch my own vegan and sustainable product line, as well as finishing a new series of paintings. I also hope to get bigger and more on-air modeling opportunities with my regular and new clients!

I’m also determined to publish at least one poem someday!

4. What is your definition of success?

Success to me is a process of continual learning, acceptance and adjustment to both the good things that happen to us and the bad or uncomfortable. Successful people are learners and implementers.

5. Tell us something about the projects you're working on.

With so many different projects going on at once, it’s not unusual for me to get overwhelmed or frustrated when one isn’t going quite as planned. It takes a lot of personal and self directed drive to sustain a career that doesn’t follow a linear path. I love the fast paced world of fashion, but sometimes you need to take time for yourself and slow down.  I recently gave a talk for Mindful Models on all the ways in which being mindful and present can make your decisions in life much easier and more fulfilling.

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