April 30, 2018

On April 5th, 2018, a team of passionate artists, activists and individuals (our own Casilda Gonzales being one of them) put on an incredibly innovative fundraiser and art exhibition. It was held at Contra Studios, which is located in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC, and it featured works of Artists Alex Smetsky, Alex Nero, and John Westgard. Through the lens of contemporary art, the event was one for creatives and activists alike, with a bigger mission to bring awareness to one of today's most important topics: water.

How many times in your life have you drank or used water without thinking about where it came from? If you’re being honest, probably too many to count. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for many people around the world. (844 million to be exact.) That equals to 1 in 10 people around the world who still don’t have reliable access to clean drinking water.

Unfortunately, children and women are the ones most impacted by this disaster. They spend their days traveling from place to place to gather the water and bring it back to their families. They are unable to explore their lives and interests or get a proper education. For water, one of the most important sources for human survival, and it’s thanks to organizations like 100 For All who provide liters of clean water to villages around the world through a special water purifying technology.

We're proud to see role models like Casilda drive important missions as the one she has created through 100 For All!

About the Cause:

100 For All is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to combating national and global clean water inequality. There are countless challenges in need of support, yet water scarcity and contamination are arguably the most devastating. At 100 For All, we recognize that water is a luxury we cannot afford to lose, and as such, seek to unite humans to embrace this great challenge. Meaningful mitigation requires not only that we raise awareness about water related issues, but also that we leverage every tool and technology at our disposal to confront the challenges directly.

About SHIF.T:

SHIF.T is a movement promoting and uniting the worlds of wellness, innovation, and philanthropy, through multiple creative containers. The goal for SHIF.T is to seamlessly show the interconnectivity of sometimes contradicting worlds. We bridge the gap between through our fused, integrative and interactive experiences. Our mission is to plant seeds of love, consciousness, truth and information by strategically transforming our spaces in a way that promote healing without compromising the element of luxury, performance and entertainment. Our motto “Party With a Purpose” will ensure that our lifestyle experiences not only bring you a good time, but also a more meaningful and enriching one.

Read more about 100 For All at: www.100forall.org and check out Casilda's portfolio and personal story here.