April 27, 2018

"Digital printing has changed every industry it's touched. Now it's revolutionizing the fashion industry by offering fashion designers amazing new ways to produce their fabrics."

Digital Fabric Printing is the future or fashion and Epson is at the forefront of that revolution. We're so stoked to see Role Model and sustainable activist Rachel Ford on the Epson Website for eco-friendly fabric printers. Not only does she look gorgeous as always, but the transparency in this print job between the mission as a company and the voice of the model is literally on point! 

So why should we care? Well, did you know that there's a bad joke in Asia that you can "tell the color of the season by just looking at the color of the river"? Yeah, that's how bad the pollution from the fashion industry is in some places, and it's changing colors to our precious planet. Which is why we LOVE learning about new, sound breaking technology like this!

To learn more about the fashion industry and how harmful the dying and printing is for the environment, we highly recommend that you check out the documentary River Blue 

Check out the printers at www.epson.com