March 15, 2018

The stereotype of pretty is starting to change (FINALLY) and our new model and Role Model Zuzanna Buchwald is leading the movement. Zuzanna has in an interview for the daily dot breaked her own silence on her battles with anorexia and bulimia. She says that she developed the eating disorders after her agents obsessively monitored her weight and even told her to stop eating in order to stay a sample size. In the beginning of her career in the United States, Zuzanna was told to lose the muscle mass she had as an athlete by stopping exercise and stopping eating. It has become a norm that girls should look like a certain stereotype: strong but with no muscle mass, anorectic but healthy. This is not possible. Even in the world of sports women are getting criticised for their bodies because they don't look feminine enough, but how could you perform a sport with only your looks and not with what your body requires you to be?

Zuzanna lost herself during the way and her fight back has been long and hard. Today Zuzanna still struggles because of the scars the disorders left on her but she is no longer silent. She is speaking up in order to be helping others and also in hope to be changing an industry that today creates anonymous, interchangeable clothing hangers. We are so inspired of our new Role Model and we will help her to raise her voice, we will have her back meanwhile she is getting heard from the rest of the world.

Read Zuzannas full interview with The Daily Dot here and watch her video for Real Women Real Stories here. If you want to get to know our super star better visit her website to read more about her journey.