March 07, 2018

Here at Role Models it takes a team of people working with us to make things happen every day! For our winter Internship we partnered with Halmstad University in Sweden. Read our interview with our interns Sara and Oskar and see what it’s really like working at a modeling agency!

So who are you and what brought you to LA?

Sara and Oskar - We are two weirdos named Sara and Oskar, both are 26 years old and we are studying international marketing back home in Sweden. As a part of our program we have an internship which we decided to do with Role Models Management here in LA.

What made you want to work with Role Models?

Sara and Oskar - It is a completely new world to us to be a part of the fashion industry but since we are both interested in fashion and brands in general it felt like something we wanted to explore. To get in touch with Role Models was a game changer for both of us. To be apart of an awesome team who wants to make a change in the industry turned out to be the perfect match and we love it here and everything that Role Models stands for!

Role Models Management has a really important message to send out to the model industry and the rest of the world. In this century there is a lot changing and so is this business. The old stereotypes are fading and we are heading into a future filled with opportunities to change the perception of models and how we want and think it should be. For us, to be a part of that journey and to see how much you can do as long as you believe in it, that is something we find really inspiring and motivating.

What are you doing for the agency?

Sara - Since we’re both studying international marketing that is our main focus while being here, for example how to reach the agencies targeted audience, social media and blog posts. But since our boss ladies really care for us and are the best bosses ever (not a paid promotion) they always involve us in so many decisions and activities outside that as well. Like what it is really like to have a new thriving company, managing talent, the importance of networking, event planning, photo shoots and everything in between! So we kind of hit the jackpot. It’s really been an eye-opener for us to see the world of fashion and it has only made us realize the need for an agency like this even more.

What’s your best experience so far?

Oskar - Well we still have a month left so there’s probably gonna be even more fun happening and it so hard to choose a certain moment. One thing we both loved though was a photo shoot that we did with some of our models 2 weeks ago. To see the planning take shape in reality, the feeling of responsibility and of course to meet the models! Them being so down to earth, funny, smart, spreading love and happiness and truly being the role models we look up to

What does a typical day look like?

Oskar - A typical day for us would be getting up quite early in the morning, a couple of days a week we go surfing before breakfast and otherwise we do some work and prepare to go to the office. We meet up with Val (our boss) at the office around 11am where we go over what needs to be done and what need to be prioritized that day. in the entertainment industry it’s different every day so there is no set schedule, We handle needs for clients as they come up!

What’s the funnest part of the job and what’s the hardest?

Sara and Oskar - The funnest part of the job is that we get to be creative and do a lot by ourselves, which is also the hardest part. We would say that you need to have some entrepreneurship and go-get-it -attitude to be able to the job.  

How is this different from other companies?

Sara and Oskar - It’s different because it is a fairly new company where we almost every day try to figure out how we can do things better, more effective and efficient to achieve our goals! And of course the biggest reason for being different is that the RM Family always aim to do the best out of any situation, not just in the work environment. Be it modelling, choice of clothes, eating or traveling - the goal is always to make ethical and social conscious decisions.

Does the experience ever feel like The Devil Wears Prada?

Sara and Oskar - As cool as it would have been to be in that movie the answer is no lol. The pace is the same as a fashion movie though, it as always changing and you have to jump up to meet client demands at the drop of a dime! But it is a much nicer environment than most fashion hubs because of the people we work with, our models, and the production, casting and brands we have contact with are really nice, cool people… for the most part!

What skills will you bring into your dream job?

Sara - I think we can both say that we will take with us a lot of energy, some outside-the-box thinking, good work ethics and of course some fun! You only get one chance at life so make the most of it, right?

Would you work at a modeling agency after college?

Sara and Oskar - If this is your discreet way of offering us jobs with the RM Family after our graduation then you can sign us both up!

Okay, some quick questions about our interns to get to know who them better. So Sara what is your…

Favorite place to hangout in LA?

Since we have been living in Venice my favorite is Abbot kinney, SALT AND STRAW IS WHAT I DREAM ABOUT EVERY NIGHT!

What is your secret skill?

I can tell you all the registration plates on the cars on my street at home in Sweden.

What are you aiming for in the future?

I want to be able to give the world some love each day! If I can do what inspires me to be the best version of myself then I think that is a good start.

And then over to you Oskar, some other questions for you:

What’s your favorite brand?
Really hard to say, but since I got to LA I’ve kind of fallen in love with Deus Ex.. But other brands I dig are Levi’s, Van’s and Calvin Klein.

What is your preferred place in LA?
Deus Ex Machina CafΓ©.. Ehe. Great clothes and coffee - addicted to both. And of course Venice in general!

What’s your future goals?
Secret, haha! But a state of being happy, doing something I truly enjoy and believe in every single day while being somewhere in the world I really love is the base for them all.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?
Probably someone like Albert Einstein or Barack Obama (mainstream I know). If not one of those it would be kind of cool to check out the life of Harry Potter you know.. Like “Accio pizza!”

So if someone would want to contact you, how would they do that?

Sara - Morse code is always an option! If you can not master that technic just DM me on Instagram where I am @saraaae or send me an email on I will write you back! Do not be a stranger!

Oskar - I’m a bit more old school than Sara so try a message in a bottle, that usually does it. Just plan it a bit in advance. Or you can always find me on Instagram under @oskrwgrls or so for whatever reason - don’t be shy, say hi!