February 11, 2018

What did you do this Wednesday on february the 7th? If you were not in New York and sat on a chair in the penthouse at hotel on Rivington, then you missed the opportunity to see some of our girls who walked the runway at NYFW and looked more stylish than ever wearing faux furs from the luxury brand Pelush. Animal Ashram's Founder Leesa Rowland hosted the Pelush Luxury Faux Furs Fashion Show at Animal Ashram's First Annual Pop-Up Penthouse. Animal Ashram provides grants and funding to worthy organizations and individuals offering sanctuary to homeless and helpless animals of all species. Their not-for-profit mission is to raise money for a variety of educational and public outreach programs, provide funding resources and raise awareness of equality of life among all living beings.

Pelushโ€™s designer Anna Tagliabue showcased 20 looks from her faux fur line. The Pelush concept has been created to reposition and transform the boundaries of the faux fur world; a ReFAUXlution. Through meticulous research and the selection of the finest Italian fabrics, and the best man-made pelage, each coat is carefully crafted to create a luxurious and elegant experience. The Role Model family wants to Congratulate Anna to an amazing show! We respect the people who respect other living beings equally!  


Below are photos from the fashion show and behind the scenes.