February 06, 2018

Wooop, LOVING the fact that Justin Timberlake is rocking the vegan fashion in his Stella McCartney outfit at this year’s Super Bowl!

Stella Mccartney, the women with a big W, claims that she can see a change in the business “ we’re in an arena where designers have more confidence and have something to say - it’s definitely changing”.

Even though the reviews of Justin Timberlake's performance has varied we want to give a heads up to what truly matters: The message that has been sent out to the million of people watching. The message of a business speaking up. A business which has for a long time been lagging behind when it comes to taking a stand and really try to make a change for this world. We at Role Models love people who uses their voices to be heard, so speak up! Do not be afraid of being heard and make a change. Do the best you can and you will contribute to the world with more than you could ever dream of.