January 09, 2018

Donation in Your Name to a Great Cause: Courage Has No Gender

Happy New Year! I’m Amanda Micallef, and for those of you that don’t know me, I’m the original co-founder and president of Arsenic. I typically stay behind the scenes running our business.  I’m a woman, and work daily with my co-founder, Billy Hawkins.

Informally, I call myself the “Boss Bitch” at Arsenic. I champion that term, like the word Arsenic, which is viewed as a poisonous word but that we choose to use in a positive context. The word “bitch” also has long been used as a negative way to describe an assertive or tough or smart woman, and one who stands up for herself. At Arsenic, we celebrate these traits. For too long, too many women have shrunk from their power. I relish my power at Arsenic; it allows me to bring our brand of sex-positive feminism to millions.

I have a hand in every decision we make on a daily basis and am proud to share that our New Years’ and holiday gift to you in appreciation for your support is that Arsenic, Billy and I have made a contribution in your name to Courage Has No Gender mural campaign. As we celebrate 2018, we are happy to have you on the journey for what promises to be the greatest year yet in Arsenic’s history.

The Courage Has No Gender mural campaign was created by female street artist, @MegZany, built as an off-shoot of one of her most iconic stencils - Amelia Earhart paired with the words “Courage Has No Gender”. Courage Has No Gender is about being yourself, even in a world that often tells you to be something else.  Everyday, I choose to live my life and lead my company by being myself and building Arsenic, even in the sometimes face of opposition.

It takes a great deal of courage to go against societal norms and own your sexuality.  The brave women of Arsenic build their own brands and put the very essence of who they are out there for the world to see, trolls and fans alike. Of course, the fans far outweigh the other noise.

I believe the time has come for people to embrace their own views on sexuality. Women are capable of making their own decisions around their image and choices. I believe all women should feel empowered to be as sexy (or modest) as they want, without judgement, scrutiny, or slander. And I believe in a version of #GirlPower which really stands for equality, regardless of gender.

In 2018 I will fight more passionately than ever for these beliefs!  I hope to see many of you standing alongside me as we march into 2018.

Peace & Love,


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