December 05, 2017

This past fashion week season a few of our Role Models strode the runway in NYC for compassionate designer and revolutionist Anna Tagliabue, founder of vegan fur brand Pelush. We're happy to see that such important events in the world of fashion are reaching the headlines of publications like Forbes.

Animal rights activists have been a regular sight at fashion weeks across the globe for decades. Each year they gatecrash the shows of designers who use real fur and leap onto the stage with banners and placards protesting the cruelty involved in the fur industry, before being removed by security.

They have a point. According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the 100-plus million animals (as well as one billion rabbits) killed for fur every year suffer extraordinary cruelty. Eighty-five percent of the fur industry’s skins come from animals kept in cramped cages on fur farms who are either killed by anal or genital electrocution to preserve the fur, or skinned alive; a third of fur sold in the US comes from animals killed in painful steel-jaw traps; and in China two million cats and dogs are bludgeoned and skinned alive. Fur is also harmful to the environment and human health, due to run-off from manure from fur farms as well as the toxic chemicals used to treat the raw skin.

Now these activists are walking the runways as models, at the invitation of fashion designer Anna Tagliabue, founder of Pelush, a luxury faux fur startup in Manhattan, New York, who’s creating what she calls a ‘Refauxlution’.

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