December 05, 2017

This article was originally written by our New York Role Model, Brana Dane Brana Dane, for Winston Wise

Thursday November 16th marked the first ever sustainable fashion show at the UN headquarters.

The day started with an introduction and welcome from Director of UN outreach, Maher Nasser, highlighting the importance of change within the fashion industry as a way to achieve the sustainable development goals. The DPINGO briefing prior to the fashion showcase included speakers Rebecca Van Bergen founder of Nest, Andrea Reyes founder of A Bernadette, Lilian Liu from the UN Global Compact and others, all expounding on the subject of the day, “using fashion as a vehicle for change” and moderated by founder of the GFX Patrick Duffy.

I was honored to be apart of this important movement, modeling in the show alongside other dedicated activists and model mafia members including Hartje Andresen, Aine Rose Campbell, Kaye Li Taylor, Dominyka Gajauskaite and Caroline Guzman for sustainable brand Callina. Given the opportunity to sit down with Michelle Sheppard, founder of the brand, to get her perspective on this momentous occasion and more, Michelle divulged the following:

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