About Us

"We want to give the models a chance to work with brands they believe in, and influence brands to hire talent who will be a positive advocate for their brand."

An Ethical Model & Talent Agency

Two Models and Social Activists came together with a shared dream – starting a modeling agency that will disrupt the way we think about and see the industry. In today’s landscape of social media and influencer marketing, models are no longer just a face on an ad, they’re also becoming the voice of your brand. Role models™ help you find the right model for your brand and help to create a transparency on all media and social platforms.

Role Models™ reflect progressive values through their work, such as social responsibility, sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and positive body image. Role Models™ are much more than just another pretty face – We are agents of change.

What is a Role Model™?

We aim to represent models with healthy beliefs and values. A “Role Model’ is anyone who has the ability to be a positive influence to others and who wishes to inspire others through their social work, activism, social media, and other platforms.

We work primarily in collaboration with talent, brands, and organizations who are aligned with the Role Model’s™ Values.

Our Values

At Role Models™, we aim to work with brands and clients that are making an effort to drive positive change within the industry. Role Models™ loves brands that are

Ethical/Conscious – Socially & Environmentally Responsible

Innovative – Creating Solutions to Social & Environmental Challenges




Los Angeles

Valerie Emanuel

Co Founder and Booking agent

San Francisco

Anne Therese

Co Founder and Marketing director

New York

Dawn Gallagher


Role Models Give Back

Each month Role Models™ Management gives a portion of our total profit to selected philanthropic causes. The causes we choose to support varies depending on what we find to be of importance given timely events and urgency.

This Month

Help support Water For Good tackle water poverty in one of the world's most forgotten country. Their goal is to provide clean, lasting water for every man, woman, and child in the Central African Republic.

Help Donate: www.waterforgood.org/donate